Fan Fair: Message Board Post of the Week

But they play in an easy division. But they have had a cake schedule. But they should have lost to Minny and `Zona. But they played the Hawks without Alexander and the Cards minus Fitzgerald. But the G-Men were missing Strahan and Umenyiora. The Bears have heard all the excuses, but IlliniRob83 wins the Bear Report Message Board Post of the Week for his grand use of common sense.

After [Sunday] night's great victory at the Meadowlands, the Bears continued to be undefeated vs. the NFC. They have beaten Seattle and the Giants and have a choke hold against their own division.

The NFC right now is ...

1. Chicago 8-1
2. Seattle 6-3
3. NYG 6-3
4. New Orleans 6-3
5. Atlanta 5-4
6. Philadelphia 5-4

Dallas is at 5-4, and Carolina will probably move over .500 tonight, as well (Editor's note: Carolina did defeat Tampa Bay on Monday 24-10 and moved to 5-4).

As you can see, the Bears have a two-game lead on Seattle and the Giants, but not only that, they also have the tie-breaker vs. BOTH of those teams! So actually, the Bears have a three-game lead over the #2 seed in the NFC with only seven games to play.

That is why last night's game was so big. Since the Bears won last night, they now have this comfortable lead. If they would've lost the game, they actually would've been the #2 seed this morning. A difference of 4 GAMES was at stake last night! GREAT WIN! Now even if the Bears lose their next two games this trip, they would still be the #1 seed in the NFC. They have put themselves in fantastic position. I am not saying it is time to relax, but they do have that privilege.



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