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Brian Urlacher vs. Marshall Faulk.

It's a dream match-up. But that's exactly the way it's going to stay, at least for the time being. The Bears play the St. Louis Rams Friday in their second preseason game, but don't expect to see Urlacher much or Faulk for that matter.

Bears coach Dick Jauron said the starters would play about as much as last Saturday's 27-3 loss to the Denver Broncos. Look for the starting offense and defense to get 10 to 12 snaps each, or around three series in the first quarter.

"A lot of young players will play, and (third-string quarterback) Henry (Burris) will get a lot of playing time again," Jauron said. "He hasn't played very much and either has a lot of the other guys. It's been good in terms of that. The downside, of course, was we lost the first exhibition. The upside is, it doesn't count on your record when you start."

The Bears' defense and the Rams' high-powered offense would make for an intriguing match-up, but it won't happen Friday. However, the two teams square off again on Nov. 18 when the Bears met the two-time NFC champions in St. Louis for a Monday Night Football showdown.

"You all have to look at angles to build the game up, but the game's just big enough for me when I walk in and see it on the schedule," Bears defensive coordinator Greg Blache said. "That's big enough for me. I don't have to make a game within a game. I have enough trouble trying to figure out how to win the football game."

Even though Blache blew off the match-up of superstars and super units, he did think it would be a good test for his defense.

"They have great athletic ability and great skill people. We'll just have to see," Blache said. "I guess we'll see if some of our guys can cover them or not. It's one of those things where I hope we don't go in there 'aahing' and 'ga-ga' because they're the St. Louis Rams.

"They're a great football team, but there's a lot of great football teams in the NFL."

* INJURY UPDATE: Starting safety Mike Brown (broken hand), defensive tackle Ted Washington (ankle) and rookie cornerback Roosevelt Williams (sprained ankle) are definitely out of the Rams game. Jauron said he expects Brown to miss all of the preseason, while Washington's target date is Aug. 23 against Jacksonville.

Williams was supposed to play, but reaggravated an ankle injury and missed practice again Wednesday. Guard Mike Gandy (knee) returned to practice Wednesday and is expected to start in place of Chris Villarrial.

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