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AngryBearsFan is a displaced Chicagoan currently residing in the New England area, so he has seen his fair share of Patriots games. Although he gives praise to Tom Brady and a coaching staff that can adjust on the fly, he still sees weaknesses the Bears can exploit. For his meticulous breakdown of this week's matchup, AngryBearsFan wins the Bear Report Message Board Post of the Week.

Bears fan in New England here, so I get to watch all their games, too.

No other team is as well coached or well prepared as the Patriots. They are very professional and can implement any game strategy and even make adjustments during the game. The good teams usually wait for halftime, but Brady and his OC are good enough to do it on the fly.

Their defensive line is very good, but their secondary is banged up and is the weak link of the team. Their special teams are not what they used to be.

However, the game against the Vikings showed just how well coached they are. They didn't even bother running the ball and still blew out the Vikings.

The Bears are having trouble against the run, usually during the first two drives and the start of the second half. The Patriots will run up the middle all day long with both Maroney and Dillon.

Dillon isn't what he was and is in the last two years of his career. Maroney is very fast. A lot like Willie Parker but a bit stronger.

Their O-Line is pretty good, but the Bears D-Line is better and will be more aggressive. But that might backfire. Look for them to take advantage of the Bears D-Ends' fast rush. They will try a few screens. Hopefully, the Bears LBs will be fast enough to stop them.

3rd-and-long is no big deal for the Pats. Only the Colts are more impressive in that situation. The Pats 3rd-and-long feels more like a 3rd-and-2, and they convert quite a lot.

The will go on 4th down and will go often even if it seems a bad decision. They will QB sneak and even QB draw. Brady will not hesitate to hurry the line and sneak it for an easy first down.

They might go hurry up, they might not ... they will probably do both.

I don't think you will see any trick plays, though in goal line situations they will throw it to their LBs.

Brady spreads the ball around every week. There is no go-to guy. Their WRs are nowhere near as good as a couple of years ago, but they are good enough to find soft areas and just wait.

I don't think they will throw the ball deep a lot simply because their running game is so good. Their short passing game is the best in the league. Even better than the Colts simply because they run the ball better and can do play-action. They get first downs and a lot of them.

The key to beating them is to keep Brady off the field. Their defensive line will show a lot of different things to Rex or Griese, and they may even rush two guys and drop everyone else back in coverage. They will know that Rex won't run the ball and has problems with pressure, so they won't take any risks they don't have to.

The Bears can run the ball against them. It will take a game like the Jets game though, boring and low scoring ... but they can run the ball. Benson will have to be used, as well.

You can pass against them if you get them blocked. Their secondary is not good and is injured. If we can pass block, we are in a very good position.

They will be playing on new turf I think, so that might be a big difference. Home-field advantage might not be as evident in terms of the actual field.

The Bears will go into this game with one gameplan. The Pats will come in with a more fluid gameplan. If they take us out of our gameplan early, the game will be over within the second quarter.

If we can stay out of anything greater than 3rd-and-5, we will win this game. It won't be pretty, but we can win it.

Make one or two mistakes, and Brady will put the game out of reach. He was playing poorly two weeks ago, but now he is right back at the top.

This is the game where Rex fans get to watch how an elite QB and OC gameplan.


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