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About The Ticket Chest

If you've come this far, perhaps you are willing to go a little further. We'd like to describe briefly who we are and what we hope to become in the eyes of our loyal customers.

Our mission is to put nice people in great seats at the best prices in the marketplace. And remember, although we do not make the tickets that we sell, we make them work for you. Our clients typically fall into the following categories:

> Professionals who rely upon our tickets to entertain valuable clients
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The Ticket Chest Profile

The Ticket Chest is a relatively new business - formed in January 2000 - but our objective is old-school: excellent service. Headquartered in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, we are a growing company with a vast supply of tickets to popular sporting and other events in Illinois and throughout the United States.

The Ticket Chest is a licensed 'General Broker' authorized to sell tickets for athletic events or events of other amusement. The Ticket Chest is a member of the Ticket Broker Association of Texas, Illinois branch, an association devoted to protecting consumers and safeguarding the integrity of the ticket broker profession.

We look forward to establishing a relationship with you and serving your ticket requests.

Thank you for visiting with us.

For ticket inquiries or more information about our services:

Please call 773-935-TIXX (8499)

or write to:

The Ticket Chest Corporation
858 West Armitage #390
Chicago, IL 60614

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