Fan Fair: Message Board Post of the Week

As you might expect, the poor play of Rex Grossman is the topic that is dominating the discussions on the message boards. ShugaCane sounds like a long-time Grossman supporter, but like many Bears fans, confidence in his quarterback is all but gone. With this passionate argument, he earns the Bear Report Message Board Post of the Week.

I continued to back Rex the last month or so, but it is getting to the point where I'm not going to be as patient with him as our coaching staff.

You can talk all you want about him learning and developing as a QB, but with this team, we don't need to develop a QB. We need a QB that will win us games. We have a legitimate shot at a Super Bowl. That is high stakes. We are not the Bills, test-driving our QB and playing for the future. Our future is now.

His confidence is shot. Part of being a QB is having mental toughness. You would think that Minny's sorry pass D would be just the remedy for Rex's regression, but their sorry defense shut him down.

I don't understand why his leash is so long. At some point, Lovie will have to say, "Enough is enough." You can say Rex gives us the best chance to win all you want, but he also gives us the best chance of losing. Why would it hurt to play Griese some? I'm sure he can't do any worse than a 1.3 passer rating or whatever Rex had. If Griese is worse than 6/19 for 34 yards, no TDs, 3 INTs, and a passer rating of 1.3 versus one of the worst secondaries, then we have a highly overpaid backup. You cannot honestly tell me Griese would do worse. So why not bench Rex for a half or so? He did it last year when he benched Orton in favor of Rex.

Talk about 10-2 all you want, but how many of those wins did we win in spite of Rex? Preach about the brilliant September all you want, but shouldn't we be hitting our stride in December instead of regressing? September seems so distant. The Niner game seems so distant. It is sad to think that we reached our peak in early October. As the season goes on, I want to see improvements. I am not seeing that. We all know Rex is a streak guy, and he is on the wrong end of a streak.

Yes, everyone has bad games, including Peyton Manning, but how many starting QB's on division winners have QBs that continue to put their teams in difficult positions? We have played 12 games, and Rex has posted a passer rating of less than 65 in five of those games. That's practically a terrible game every other Sunday. That is too high of a percentage of bad games to be messing with. Believe me, we won't be seeing Arizona or Minnesota in the playoffs, where our defense and special teams can cover up our offensive mistakes. Those teams don't capitalize on mistakes, but you don't think a Bill Parcells team will? Do you want to give Drew Brees an extra two or three possessions? If Rex has a three-INT game versus the Panthers, do you feel confident that we would be victorious?

I want Rex to succeed, I really do, but I will not blindly put all my faith in him. I don't want to HOPE the September Rex shows up. I WANT the September Rex to show up, but regression is regression. The things he got away with back then are catching up to him. Throw off your back foot for a TD? I hope he doesn't believe that is the norm and think you can get away with it. You may get away with it once, but don't believe you will continue to do so.

If Rex continues his downward spiral against the Rams, Lovie will have to pull the string and bench him for at least the rest of the game to calm him down or knock some sense into him. It might be good for him to watch from the sideline for a half or so. If he stays in and continues to play bad, his confidence will sink even more. And if Rex's confidence continues to shrink and fans' confidence in him continues to shrink, how much longer before his teammates' confidence in him shrinks? They will eventually get frustrated, both the offense AND defense.

If you are the defense, you would start to get frustrated when you are holding up your end of the bargain but have to go back on the field because of a Rex turnover. On offense, you will start to lose confidence in your leader. You can only support a guy for so long if he keeps playing that way.



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