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IlliniRob83 is sick and tired of the Bears being disrespected, most specifically by the heads on ESPN. Sean Salisbury may be on a morning radio show here in Chicago every day, but for some reason, he's overflowing with love for the AFC right now. IlliniRob83 is the first two-time winner of the Bear Report Message Board Post of the Week.

ESPN has become unwatchable for all sports, but especially for the NFL. The talking heads are such arrogant pieces of crap that I have to turn the channel in disgust. Sean Salsbury Steak is always right and can't be questioned. Did you know this? He is wrong every week about everything, yet we have to continue listening to this arrogant pud like everything he says is gospel. And how the hell did Trey Wingo get this job? He is brutal.

Sean just took every AFC team ahead of Chicago. Every AFC team that makes the playoffs is better than the Bears according to him. The Bears just get ridiculously disrespected every week, especially by that clown. If the Bears make and win the Super Bowl, he should be fired. Period. Eric Allen said the Bears would beat about half the teams in the AFC, but not Sean. He makes sure he says how bad or mediocre the Bears are every week. What a joke. Yet he and the rest of the talking heads can't get enough of the Saints or the Cowgirls or the Giants when those teams are playing well.

ESPN overrates the AFC tremendously, as well. This isn't the 90s or the 80s when teams were THAT much better than the other teams. We all knew the Cowboys were going to beat the Bills in those Super Bowls. We knew that San Diego would get hammered by the 49ers. But by the end of the 90s, there generally wasn't one dominant team or league.

Right now, I would say the Chargers are the best team in football and would beat the Bears, but after that it is a toss up.

Bears > Colts right now
Bears = Ravens
Bears = or > Pats
Bears = Bengals
Bears > Jaguars

Could those teams beat the Bears? YES, but the Bears could certainly whoop up on them, as well. To just flat out say all six teams are better than the Bears - the best in the NFC - is outlandish. The Bears are the most critizied team on the planet. They don't rip the Jags or Bengals after they have terrible losses. Those teams just have great offensive fire power, and that is why they get the love. The Bears don't have an offensive superstar, and that is why they continually get disrespected. They were in the preseason, as well. Bears will just have to prove those boobs wrong AGAIN.

Ever since the Bears were 1-3 after losing to Cleveland, they have gone 21-4. One of those losses I don't count because it was against Minnesota last year when the Bears sat all of their starters. That is the best record in football. And the only way for the Bears to get respect is to win the whole thing. Well if they do, there will be plenty of crow to go around. Salisbury should be let go, along with many others. It is getting stupid. All they do is pick, pick, pick every week.


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