Fan Fair: Message Board Post of the Week

No matter where you stand as a Chicago Bears fan, you have some sort of opinion on the Tank Johnson situation. Many think that the big defensive tackle should be released immediately, while others feel that he did absolutely nothing wrong. Many folks lie somewhere in the middle. BrettASUSunDevils gives us his two cents worth and earns the Bear Report Message Board Post of the Week.

Can we let the facts come out on this board before we let the speculation get out of control? Man, this is a reason message boards are so hated and villified by professional athletes and even college athletes. The speculation is INCREDIBLY DISGUSTING with NO ONE backing up anything with any sort of fact. I completely fell out of my chair LAUGHING UNCONTROLLABLY when I read this:

"It's well established that Tank had a very tough upbringing in Chandler, AZ, where gangs run rampant."

This is an example of one of the MOST ABSURD statements that I have read yet on this message board regarding the Tank Johnson situation. BUT it is not by any means the ONLY absurd statement I have read. Chandler, AZ is HARDLY a tough area, tough city, tough part of the Phoenix area or surrounding suburbs. Chandler is one of the nicest suburban cities in the Maricopa County area that basically surrounds Phoenix, AZ. I have a very close friend that happens to work for the Chandler Police Department, and the worst things he has to worry about are DUIs, traffic accidents, domestic disputes, and other such MINOR crimes that occur in the Chandler area. Chandler is one of the most affluent and well-off areas of the Phoenix suburbs.

One thing is for CERTAIN. Gangs don't run RAMPANT throughout the Chandler area. And ANOTHER thing is for certain. People still have the right in this country of innocent until proven guilty. All we have right now is a tragic set of circumstances in which Johnson's bodyguard was shot dead. It just so happened that it was followed up by a raid on his home earlier this week.

THIS IS A TRAGIC SET OF COINCIDENCES THAT HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER. It's not as if Tank Johnson used one of the guns or another gun from his house to shoot at someone that caused a scuffle at the nightclub. Quite the contrary. Someone shot at Johnson's bodyguard, costing him his life. To me this says that Johnson's body guard DID HIS JOB by laying down his life to protect Johnson. This is the tragedy here. NOT Johnson or anything HE DID.

It's not wise for me to speculate, but given that Johnson was on probation for a firearms incident, I'd be willing to bet that going out to the bar on a Friday night to have a drink was not in violation of the terms of his probation. So it boils down to a simple fact. Johnson did nothing wrong by going to the bar and having a drink to unwind after what occurred this week at his home.

At this point, prayers and condolences should go out to Johnson AND his bodyguard for him likely giving his life to protect Tank Johnson.

As to put similar incidents side by side for a comparison and contrast of shootings. When the University of Miami football player (Editor's note: Brian Pata) was shot and killed earlier this year, no one came out and said HE was a thug. No one said HE was a problem child, that HE was deserving to be shot. Prayers and condolences went out for him being the victim of a senseless crime. The same can be said right now for Johnson and his roommate/bodyguard. They are the victims of a tragic crime.


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