Change of Plans

The Bears tried to pretend that the bus ride from Decatur to Champaign wasn't going to be a problem, but after it took the team over an hour to reach their destination for the preseason opener the situation needed to be changed.

After several players complained to the coaching staff, Bill McGrane the Bears director of administrations said he was concerned the drive had become too much of a distraction.

That's when GM Jerry Angelo took it in his hands to see that the something was done.

Starting quarterback Jim Miller said it wasn't mutiny, but

"I think they realized we needed to change this it was a further drive than what they had anticipated.

"They're committed to winning here. I think we see that everything Jerry (Angelo) has done here. He personally went down there to checkout the hotel situation, so it was a big priority. He wants guys to be happy on this team and he doesn't want any outside things to effect this football team and it's just a smart move."

The change begins for the regular season opener against the Vikings September 8.

As for on the field news Bears starters on both sides of the ball are expected to play into the early second quarter. Then the first team would begin the third quarter before giving way to the second string.

At quarterback head coach Dick Jauron said Miller and Chris Chandler will split the first half with Miller starting the third quarter.

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