Fan Fair: Message Board Post of the Week

NoCardsNoSox was at Indy's playoff win over Kansas City last weekend, and he believes he witnessed the key to success for the Bears. Peyton Manning threw three interceptions and didn't hit any big passes down the field, but he ate up the Chiefs with short throws to his backs and tight ends. NoCardNoSox chipped in his two cents worth and wins the Bear Report Message Board Post of the Week.

As some of you know, I was there on Saturday. I saw something during that game that I thought, "Man, if only the Bears could do this." The Colts medium- to long-range passing game was completely non-existent, and Peyton Manning really had a subpar to average game with three INTs, yet the Colts won comfortably.


Manning was 30-for-38, but I will tell you the majority of these passes were flat or hot route passes to Dallas Clark or the RB (Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes). The Chiefs did a great job of taking away Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne downfield, but Manning did the right thing and found the underneath route a lot. The defense really stepped up for them (pretty much played like we do most every week), and the biggest reason they won that game is Manning didn't panic or force anything.

Indy reminded me of us a lot, so I'm hoping that if the Seahawks manage to take away the WRs downfield, Rex Grossman will know to look underneath. You may not get all your yards immediately, but it can get to be really effective if they continue to allow the underneath routes.

Just something I saw that reminded me of the Bears. QB struggling but kept it simple, and it worked out really well.


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