Chance for Redemption

Alex Brown camp to training camp with questions about his work ethic and being able to play the run, but there was never any doubt he would be able to rush the passer.

At Florida he accumulated 33 sacks, which set a new record at Florida. The Bears have adapted a scheme on passing downs to utilize Brown's knack for getting to the quarterback.

In the Jacksonville game the Bears had Bryan Robinson and Phillip Daniels move from end to defensive tackle allowing Rosevelt Colvin and Brown to rush from the edge. The result was Daniels getting his first sack of the preseason.

The Bears had 48 sacks last year, but lacked a consistent pass rush from the defensive line. The majority of the sacks came from blitz packages, which increases the possibility of big plays by opposing offenses.

Brown admitted he took plays off in college, but defensive coordinator Greg Blache hasn't seen the rookie continue that bad habit.

"He's worked well since he's been here," said Blache. "I have no complaints about that what so ever. The one thing about this young man his work ethic has been excellent. He's got to continue (to improve), he's got to do it for the duration."

Brown said Blache's attitude has helped him strive to get better.

"He (Blache) wants it perfect," Brown said about his defensive coordinator. "He won't accept 99.9% and I think good not only for himself as a person, but for this team because I look at him and I see that he wants perfection and that inspires me to want perfection to."

Brown has locked up a roster spot with his performance throughout the preseason, but the rookie isn't taking the finale against Miami for granted.

"It's an opportunity to prove something. I get better each and every week because I learn more."

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