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Although the Windy City is beaming with civic pride with the Monsters of the Midway returning to the Super Bowl, followers of the team around the country are also singing their praises. RealisticVol is part of the ever-growing throng of Bears fans outside the Chicago area and wins the Bear Report Message Board Post of the Week.

I am a lifelong Bears fan. I am a Tennessee boy, born and raised.

I watched an NFL game when I was seven and saw Walter Payton run wild. I researched him and ate up everything I could find about him. I admired his work ethic.

My love for the Bears continued into the 80's, and everybody knows how that went. I suffered in the 90's but still wore my Bears hat with pride.

Chicago Bears football is everything that I think football should be. They play outside where it should be played. They have the best uniforms in the NFL - no gay stars or stuff like that. They play D and base their existence on it. They have a history. They had Ditka, Butkus, Payton, etc. George Halas is a god, and we are part of the backbone of the NFL.

Oh, by the way, we also have the best fans. And I don't mean fans that are only fans when we win. I mean fans that love their team.

I have been lucky to get to see the Bears play two games in my life. Once at Atlanta and once at Carolina. I have decided that since my son, whom has become a Bears fan on his own just like his old man, we need to come up to Chicago next year and see a game at Soldier Field with other Bears fans. I will be asking for advice on where to stay and tailgate, etc. I hope I can get the answers from you guys and maybe share a beer or eight.


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