Wednesday from the Bears Hotel

The Bears are doing everything they can to make this week of practice as normal as possible. Wednesday will be 1st and 2nd down preparation, and then 3rd down and the nickel package will be installed on Thursday. Members of the media had access to the players before Wednesday's session at the University of Miami, and Bear Report was there to hear what they had to say.

OT John Tait
On how ready and excited he is for Super Bowl Sunday already:
"I'm pretty anxious. You just try to keep it at a manageable level. You want to ramp it up towards Sunday, so we're not there yet."

CB Charles Tillman
On whether Peyton Manning's histrionics before the play are for show:
"I think some of it is probably for show just to get the defenses to audible out. Then he'll continue to run his play. At the same time, I think some of it really is him calling a new play. Some of it is smoke scene, some of it is real. He does a good job of confusing defenses."

WR Bernard Berrian
On what the key has been to him enjoying a breakout season:
"Getting an opportunity. I finally had an opportunity to go out and play. It's kind of big being a starter. You're going to get some opportunities, and I've just been fortunate enough to actually go out and make those plays and take advantage of it."

QB Brian Griese
On the attraction of the city of Miami for a Super Bowl:
"I think it's a great venue for a Super Bowl. It's an international city with a lot of flair, great weather, great people, great good, and it's been doing this for a long time. I've been to seven Super Bowls in this city, and it's always a good party."

CB Devin Hester
On being compared to his childhood idol, Deion Sanders, this season:
"It's great being amongst one of the great kickoff returners, but I know I have a lot to learn. There is a lot out there to be learned. Actually, I'm just trying to get better and better each day and hope that when it's all said and done that I could be known as one of the best kickoff returners."

OG Ruben Brown
On the keys to enjoying a long career as an offensive lineman:
"I would say a couple things. Rusty Jones, the strength and conditioning coach that we have here at the Bears, was with me my rookie year in Buffalo. I've been fortunate in the aspect that he has helped me evolve over the years to stay in shape. Not by lifting a ton of weights and doing a lot of things that you would typically think about football, but the stretching, the eating, the conditioning, and just a lot of things combine with lifting the right things and taking the right amount of reps kept me 12 years in the NFL."

OT Fred Miller
On the memories of his first Super Bowl while with the St. Louis Rams:
"Not just the game, but it's just the whole process winning the game and the things leading up to it. The memories of all that, it is something that you definitely treasure. Going to the ring ceremony, and when we opened up our boxes and saw our rings for the first time - things like that are truly remarkable and something that you will never forget.

C Olin Kreutz
On the offensive game plan heading into the Super Bowl:
"Our game plan is always the same. We're going to try to run the ball first."

K Robbie Gould
On the bond he has developed with Indianapolis kicker Adam Vinatieri:
"If we were to win the NFC Championship, which we did, I was in a win-win situation. I was either going to be against the New England Patriots (his former team) or against Adam Vinateiri. For me, being in my first Super Bowl and having the opportunity to play against him is going to be fun for me."

LB Hunter Hillenmeyer
On whether or not Super Bowl week has lived up to his expectations:
"Yes, but for the most part our team has done a good job of not - other than the circus of Media Day - letting those things become too much of a distraction. We spend a lot of time just sitting in the hotel, and it doesn't lok like that huge extravaganza over here just locked in your hotel room for a large part of the day. It's fun to be down here, even though everybody is shivering and talking about arctic weather. It feels pretty warm to me."

FB Jason McKie
On the incoming recruiting class at his alma mater, Temple University:
"I was looking at their roster, and I actually saw them play Northern Illinois when they came up and played them. They got some good talent, and we are going to be talking [about] them in a couple years like Northeastern when they turned that program around."

Doug Benc/Getty Images

RB Cedric Benson
On his overall relationship with Thomas Jones this season:
"It's been good. There's been times where it hasn't been smooth, which is only human. Of course nobody is perfect, and everybody has feelings and emotions and stuff like that. That was expressed at times very early and very minor, and over time things have smoothed out. It was probably just getting out on the field in the same area, the same place. Just working and getting the job done. Just working together."

DE Mark Anderson
On whether or not he got hazed being a rookie on the team:
"I had to carry a few helmets [and] sang a song or two. But for the most part, it wasn't that bad."

TE Desmond Clark
On who is the wildest member of the Chicago Bears:
"Thomas Jones. He's probably the quietest guy around the media when he puts on that serious face. In the locker room, he jokes around, plays and has a good time. Then there's Olin Kreutz. With the media, you won't get anything out of him. But back in the locker room, just close those doors and there's never a dull moment with Olin. You guys will probably never catch those moments with him."

DT Tank Johnson
On the constant comparisons his team gets to the 1985 Bears:
"We take pride in winning our games and being a dominant defense. We've been very successful for three years now, and we're in the Super Bowl. And we are doing the best we can to win it."

WR Muhsin Muhammad
On which quarterback Rex Grossman reminds him of the most:
"He kind of reminds me of Steve Beuerlein, a young version of Steve Beuerlein. I saw Steve in the offseason since he lives in Carolina, and I said, 'Man, this dude throws a real soft ball. He kind of reminds me of your balls.' I went to my first Pro Bowl with Steve [as my quarterback]. He was a pretty good quarterback, too."

S Danieal Manning
On head coach Lovie Smith taking him under his wing this season:
"With him being a Texas guy from a small town and a small school, he understands what my background is, and he did take me under his wing. He talked to me a lot, and I have been in his office a lot just asking him how my game play is. And he told me I was doing exactly what he expected of me."

WR Rashied Davis
On whether or not he ever wants to play defensive back again:
"In practice (laughs). Occasionally, I'll run in front of a pass and then run the other way. I started out as a DB here. Daryll Drake, the wide receivers coach, he's the one that - how he puts it - was begging Coach Smith to bring me to the offensive side of the ball."

CB Ricky Manning Jr.
On his picture being in USA Today this morning:
"It's cool. It's cool. A little publicity for me. I was stretching out my neck. I haven't done that since Pop Warner. I'm a banger, so I've got to get ready. I look flexible, but I'm the least flexible person I know."

DE Adewale Ogunleye
On what it's like getting back to the routine of a regular practice week:
"It's huge. We were in a routine, but yesterday is usually our off day and we had to do some stuff. But more important is getting out there practicing, getting in the coaches' heads and seeing what they are thinking about. I want to get this game plan fine tuned."

OG Roberto Garza
On whether gets frustrated always being asked about his Mexican heritage:
"I definitely like it because they're writing about it. Because they're getting that message out about where I came from, what I've done, and who I am. The fact that I'm playing in the Super Bowl is great. This is definitely a dream come true for me, and I feel very fortunate."

DE Alex Brown
On people thinking that he's actually much bigger than he really is:
"Oh yeah, people do. I guess it's the pads and all that when you have them on. I am really not that big. I am kind of small."


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