Roster Predictions

The following is a list of where players are predicted to end up after the Bears make their final roster.

Good shot of making the 53-man roster: WR Kenny Christian, LB Bryan Knight, TE Dustin Lyman and RB Adrian Peterson.

Borderline to make the team: CB Reggie Austin, TE Luther Broughton, QB Henry Burris, QB Ken Mastrole and DL Joe Tafoya.

Will likely be cut: DT Curry Dawson, DT Reggie Grimes, S Eric Johnson, LB Tim Johnson, S Than Merrill, WR Ramondo North, DE Karon Riley, WR Edell Shepherd, LB Mawuko Tugbenyoh, DT Dave Volk, T Josh Warner and DT Jason Wiltz.

Practice Squad Candidates: C Luke Butkus, T Damion Cook, CB Travis Coleman, WR Jamin Elliot and RB Eric McCoo.

Injured Reserve: Ahmad Merritt

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