Locker Room Chat: Rex Grossman

Rex Grossman was the first quarterback in 21 years to take the Bears to the Super Bowl. But after a poor performance in Miami, the former Gator will be subjected to even more criticism and questions as to whether he is indeed the QB of the future in Chicago. Grossman talked to the media at Dolphin Stadium after the game, and Bear Report was there to hear what he had to say.

On the poor weather conditions for Super Bowl Sunday:
"Once I got the snap, it was fine. I got a good grip on the ball when I was throwing but dropped a couple snaps, which hurt a couple of drives."

On why he had some problems taking the snap from center:
"It was slippery. When the ball was snapped up from center, it would just kind of slide off my hands. It just happened a couple of times."

On his level of disappointment in the outcome:
"It's extremely disappointing when you get this close to a world championship and you come up short. You know, there's nothing else to say."

On whether he still considers the season a success:
"Not right now. Right now, all I feel is disappointment because I know how good a football team we are."

On whether or not the game plan called for such little passing early:
"Time of possession dictated that. We only had 19 plays on offense [in the first half]. It's frustrating when you can't get into your game plan, you can't get deep into everything that you practiced. We just weren't completing those 3rd-and-shorts, 3rd-and-3s. And then they had some long drives. And we had the [Devin Hester] kick return. We just didn't get into our offense until the second half."

On the pass to Muhsin Muhammad that was intercepted:
"I was giving Moose a chance to go up and battle for it on kind of a hitch-and-go. The corner got his eyes around and saw the ball and made a good play on it. In hindsight, I wish I would have thrown it away. But I was giving Moose a chance to go up and battle for it."

On whether he threw the ball the way he wanted on the first interception:
"Not really. The timing of it wasn't right. I should have waited until Moose had his eyes around so that he could see the ball in the air."

On what happened on the second interception:
"I threw it a little more inside than I wanted to."

On the lack of a running game other than one long run by Thomas Jones:
"We just never really established any kind of a rhythm - throwing or running it - until it was too late."

Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

On how much the weather conditions affected his play:
"It wasn't tough to handle once I got [the ball] from center. Getting it from center was the only tough part about it. It would slide off my hands. Once I got a hold of it, I could throw it fine."

On what he thought about how Peyton Manning played:
"He took a lot of checkdowns, and with the weather the way it was, it was hard to tackle. I don't know how many catches Joseph Addai had, but it's tough to tackle when it's wet like that. They made a lot of plays like that."

On the back-to-back plays when he was sacked twice and fumbled:
"The first one, I was trying to run away from pressure up the middle and slipped. Then [I] had the bobbled snap, which killed that drive. Those were opportunities that we left out on the field."

On whether he's positive he'll be the starting quarterback next season:
"All I can talk about is this game right now. It's a frustrating loss, and I'm excited about next year."

On where the Bears go from here:
"You just go back to basics - getting in shape and working with the receivers and just improving."

On whether or not his confidence eroded as the game went on:
"No, my confidence never wavered. It was just a matter of getting into a rhythm as an offense, everyone hitting on all cylinders and getting first downs so that you could get deeper into your game plan. And that never happened. We just didn't do very well on 3rd-and-medium, 3rd-and-5. We missed some crucial plays, and that's the difference in the Super Bowl."

On whether the Bears lost the game more than the Colts won it:
"The Colts did a great job of handling all the weather factors, and they played hard. But there definitely were opportunities for us to take that game, and we didn't."

On his disappointment in not seeing the Bears team of all season:
"It's disappointing we didn't come away with the victory. We didn't play on offense the way we wanted to. We didn't run the ball and have play-action pass over that, get into our game plan. It was more of we had too many three-and-outs, so we couldn't do that."

On whether the loss of Cedric Benson hurt their ability to run the ball:
"Cedric could have come in there and made a bunch of plays. Who knows? But all I know is, it is what it is."


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