Locker Room Chat: Brian Urlacher

Brian Urlacher has been the face of the Chicago Bears franchise for quite some time and is one of the most popular players in the NFL. He finally had his chance to play on the game's biggest stage, but Super Bowl XLI could not have gone worse for him. Urlacher spoke to the media at Dolphin Stadium after the game, and Bear Report was there to hear what he had to say.

On the play of his defense on Super Bowl Sunday:
"We just couldn't make the plays we needed to make, and we didn't do a good job of tackling. We played the cover-two, and one of the weaknesses of a cover-two defense is the checkdowns. And Peyton [Manning] knows that. He executed well today. He threw a lot of checkdowns, but really we needed to do a better job of tackling."

On why the defense didn't have success against the Colts:
"The defense and I just didn't make plays. All season long we have prided ourselves on our defense and making plays, and we did not come out and do that today."

On if the weather effected the game and especially the tackling:
"We just didn't make the most of the opportunities we had with tackling. I really don't think weather was a factor. They are a tremendous team, obviously now that they are world champions."

On the overall defensive gameplan:
"We never changed our gameplan coming in. We went out expecting to play the same type of defense we have played all year long. Obviously it's disappointing, but I am proud of our team and the way we played this season."

On his matchup with Peyton Manning:
"I never really look at the individual matchups. This is a team game and Peyton is a great player, but I really don't focus on that."

On what he would like to say to the fans back in Chicago:
"We thank them for their support all year long. They have been behind us and they were there for us, and we thank them for that. Obviously the goal is to win the championship, and we are all disappointed we didn't do that. But it will continue to be our goal to get back to this game."

On not finishing like they have talked about all year:
"We didn't finish, but I am proud of our team. As the defensive leader of the team, I needed to step up and do the things. And some of those didn't get done, and that's my responsibility. Not being able to finish with the Super Bowl is definitely disappointing to our team. I am going to take some time off and then prepare to try and reach our goals and finish next year. I'm proud of my teammates and proud of my coaches. We went through a lot this season, and we came together."

On the future of defensive coordinator Ron Rivera:
"I'm not sure what the situation is with Dallas. I would think that if that opportunity presented itself, it would be good. But if not, I expect him back. He is obviously a great coach, and we are lucky to have him."

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On the overall play of the Colts offense:
"You know, it wasn't so much Manning as it was their running offense. They had some big runs on us, and we didn't tackle or fill our gaps. Peyton is a great quarterback, but at the same time we did not expect the run offense to be as effective as it was on us. They are the best team in the NFL this year. Period. They beat us in the Super Bowl, so they get that recognition. Obviously we would love to be out there celebrating like they are doing as we speak, but we did not win the game."

On the future of Bears quarterback Rex Grossman:
"I'm not one to make those types of decisions. He is our quarterback, and he started all year long like 19 games for us, and I'm sure he will continue to. We all get better the more games we play, and he will continue to get better."

On the Colts finishing the season as NFL champions:
"I will say that we are disappointed because we lost, but the credit has to go to the Colts. They came and really took it to us. They won the game and did the things they needed to do, so they are world champions."

On the type of game it was on the field:
"We know there are highs and lows during the course of the game. We forced some turnovers, but we knew they were going to come in and score some points. You can never get too high or too low, but you have to continue to play hard no matter the situation."

On the kickoff return by Devin Hester providing a spark early:
"That was exciting. A great way for us to start the game, and we tried to use it to our advantage. Like I said before the game, [we] had a lot of ups and downs and we needed to continue to play hard after certain situations."

On what the defense needed to do better in order to win:
"There were a lot of things we could have done better. We could have tackled better, covered better. We could have done a lot of things. When you lose, you look at everything. It's not one guy. It's all of us together. We need to play better."

On his desire to get back to another Super Bowl:
"That is always the goal. We will work hard over the offseason after some time off and then get back at it. We want to return, and we will work as hard as we can to get back here."


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