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The Bears had eight of nine draft choices make the team, which is a considerable amount for a team that is coming of a 13-3 season. However, that is due in part to the salary cap.

Head coach Dick Jauron admits the draft is not an exact science

"I'm sure it's the same in any business. You hire people or you draft people and you think you're getting the best and sometimes it works out that way and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes you take a chance on a person and they really come through big time for you, so it'll never be exact."

The Bears expected first-round selection Marc Colombo to make the squad as well as third-round choices Roosevelt Williams and Terrence Metcalf as well as fourht-rounder Alex Brown.

However, the team did a solid job in the late rounds. Fifth-round picks Bobby Gray and Bryan Knight both played well in the preseason and will be expected to contribute once the season starts. Sixth-round choices Adrian Peterson and Jamin Elliot made the squad as backups with the only exception being TE Bryan Fletcher.

There's a chance Fletcher could be signed to the practice squad.

Jauron said part of the reason the team kept eight of nine draft choices had to do with the salary cap, but there is also a lot of talent in the crop.

"I think we do a real good job of scouting. Putting the draft together and picking the right people at the right time. We certainly like what we did in the draft and we like those players."

Getting Healthy: Jim Miller returned to limited action Monday after missing Sunday's practice because of a sprained ankle he suffered in the preseason finale against Miami.

"Jim did some work today and we're really optimistic he'll on the field for practice Wednesday," Jauron said. "He went through some individual drills and threw on the side today."

"He's moving pretty well. We didn't want to fuss it. It's still sore, but he felt really good yesterday. He wanted to come out and work it today, so we let him go through individual."

Practice Squad: A five-man practice squad may be established Monday after 4:00 PM EST. To be eligible for the practice squad, a player must not have an accrued season towards free agency. If a player does have an accrued season, he still is eligible for the practice squad if he was not on the active or inactive list for more than nine regular-season games.

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