Bears try to slow Moss

The Bears defense punished Randy Moss whenever he caught a ball last season and the physical style of play seemed to slow the receiver, who had nine receptions for 106 yards but no touchdowns.

The Sunday night game in Minnesota Moss had four catches for just 25 yards as the Bears beat the Vikings 13-10.

Still, the Bears defense knows when Cris Carter retired Moss' role in the offense increased.

"He's their guy," safety Mike Brown said about Moss.

New head coach Mike Tice has said Moss will get the ball on 40% of the Vikings snaps. The team will attempt to do this by moving him around on the line of scrimmage.

"They're trying to get him the rock. We just have to be aware of where he's at because he's practically his offense," Brown said.

The Bears stable of big wide receivers does help the defense prepare for going up Moss.

"Moss may be a little faster, but Marcus is a little big bigger may be a little bit stronger," R.W. McQuarters said when comparing Moss to Robinson. "Marcus is going to give you a little bit more off the ball he runs different routes. A lot of Randy's routes are streaks and down the field to try to beat the double coverage. He basically just running by people, but we got fast guys, we got guys who are strong, we got guys that can jump so definitely see a lot of this in practice."

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