Work to be done

The Bears biggest problem at quarterback is one of depth. The drop off from Miller and Chandler to third and fourth stringers Henry Burris and Ken Mastrole remains a problem. Mastrole, whose football resume included stops in the Arena League minor leagues and a practice squad stint in NFL Europe, at least showed poise in his brief opportunity before being cut.

Burris showed a strong arm, but woeful accuracy. He produced a QB rating of 1.3 against Denver and 2.8 versus Jacksonville. Even though he made the regular season roster you have to wonder if Burris is worth trying to develop or if the Bears are just wasting a year.

Burris was happy to make the team, but the Bears third quarterback knows he needs to improve.

"There's some things I want to continue to work on that I know I can do. It just comes with playing time.

"I just want to get better everyday whether it's on scout team or actually taking snaps with the offense."

Burris admitted the competition for the third quarterback position was humbling. There is still a chance the team will go out and bring in anther quarterback.

"You are always open (to looking for talent) in this business and the players are aware of it," said Dick Jauron about any possible changes being made to the 53-man roster. "As soon as you feel like you have a player that is not going to help you win then you look elsewhere. So, it's never a closed deal. Although, we do have our 2002 team here mostly together, but there is always some changes."

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