Bears defensive coordinator Greg Blache paid Randy Moss the ultimate compliment by calling him the "most explosive player in the game today."

"He's capable of turning the game around at any one instance. He has (been able to) for the last three or four years he's been in the league. You throw the ball up for a jump ball and nine out of ten times he's going to win that contest. If you give him a free release down the field he's going to create some problems and some issues for you. It's just a matter of us knowing where he is, us making it hard for him to get in that position and then when he does try to minimize him."

Blache remains realistic about shutting down Moss.

"You don't stop Randy Moss. You try to minimize him and like I tell the guys we try and retard and restrict the Randy ratio. You're not going to stop him and you kidding yourself if you do. So, what you try to do is try to do is play the best you can hang onto your hinny and when it's over hope you have more points then they do."

The danger of falling into the Randy Ratio is allowing other Vikings to beat the defense. Double teaming Moss will open up the running game for Michael Bennett, leave receivers D'Wayne Bates and Derrick Alexander open not to mention All Pro TE Byron Chamberlain.

Blache cautions that Moss isn't even the defenses top priority.

"As our guys will tell we have to stop the run first. We go in there Sunday and we don't stop the run it's going to be a long afternoon. So, we have to stop the run besides worrying about Randy. So, it's going to be a challenge."

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