Dangerous Situation

Despite catching the game-winning touchdown in the Bears victory against the Vikings David Terrell appeared to be frustrated with only have one ball thrown his way.

Following the game the receiver seemed to be upset about not getting a game ball, which went to Marty Booker and Mike Brown.

"It was the only ball I had the whole day," Terrell said. "Jim put it up there ‘I told Jim look at me' he throw the ball and I just caught it. It doesn't matter if it was the play of the game. We went out there and worked hard and beat a good team."

When asked if he was frustrated about not being involved more in the offense Terrell was uncharacteristically quiet.

"Perseverance that's all I can say."

Head coach Dick Jauron had nothing but positive things to say about Terrell.

"As I've said many times before David is a real attribute on gameday. (He has) great attitude, great toughness. On the sidelines, he is very in to the games. He does have a lot of enthusiasm for the game."

Terrell followed his touchdown with an excessive celebration. He went up into the stands celebrating with the fans and eventually punted the ball into the air.

At this point Terrell is the Bears third receiver, but if continues to complain and not produce he could find himself behind Marcus Robinson on the depth chart.

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