On Call

Mike Brown quickly earned a reputation for being a primetime player last year when in back-to-back weeks the safety returned interceptions for touchdowns in overtime victories against the 49ers and Browns.

He continued his knack for turning the game in Bears favor in Sunday's season opener against Minnesota. Trailing 23-20 the Bears defense need to stop the Vikings in order to give the offense a chance for a comeback victory. On 3rd and 13 Minnesota quarterback Daunte Culpepper dropped back to pass and attempted to go to Randy Moss, but Brown stepped in front of the ball and returned it to midfield, thus setting up the game winning drive

Head coach Dick Jauron calls Brown is a special player.

"He was (special) in college, he is in the NFL, I'm sure he was in high school," Jauron said. "He's got a work ethic that lets him be that player that he wants to be. He's got a great feel for the game of football and great understanding of it. A tremendous competitor, so we hope he never changes and I don't think he will."

The most amazing part of Brown's pick was the fact he had two IVs earlier in the game to due the extreme heat in Champaign. Not to mention the safety missed the entire preseason with a broken hand and still wears a protective pad on his right hand.

"I'll take him into a foxhole with me any day," Whigham said. "He willed himself to come back and play today and he did what he always does, make big plays."

If Brown continues to do just that the Bears should be in good shape.

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