Wesley "Unhappy" With Corner PT

Dante Wesley already lost one Super Bowl with Carolina back in 2003, so it was doubly tough on him to lose another one his first season with Chicago in 2006. Wesley spent some time with BearReport.com Editor in Chief John Crist at the annual Fan Convention this past weekend, and the veteran expressed some unhappiness concerning his playing time on defense.

John Crist: This was your first year playing in Chicago after four seasons in Carolina. Compare being a Bear to being a Panther.

Dante Wesley: Chicago is a great team, man. There's a lot of fan support here. It's a traditional team. This team [has] been around longer than Carolina has. You expect to have more fans and more fans just to be around and cheer the Bears on.

JC: You came out on the losing end of one Super Bowl in Carolina and then lost another your first year in Chicago. Is it easier to take the second time, or is it even worse?

DW: You know what, it's even harder to take the second time. I hate getting all the way there and end up losing. They say third time's the charm, so hopefully we'll get a chance to make it again and I'll win this one.

JC: The team really needed some help at safety coming into the 2007 season. You're a pretty big guy for a corner, so has anyone ever approached you about moving to safety?

DW: You know what, they never talked to me about it. If we sit down and talk, I'm sure we can make something happen. I'm the type of player that I can play anywhere – safety, corner, wherever they want me to play. So if they want me to move around, all they've got to do is sit me down and talk to me about it and we can work it out.

JC: One of the reasons you signed with the Bears was the opportunity to play more cornerback instead of just being a special teams guy. Are you happy with your current role as it stands?

DW: I can say I'm not happy with it. I'm looking to always play more. I [can] even probably count on one hand how many snaps at corner I had. So I was unhappy with it, but it's a part of the game. It's part of something I have to deal with. I'm gonna try to just work harder this year and try to get back on the field if possible. If it's not possible, I just have to keep going doing something else. So it'll be alright.

JC: There is a lot of speculation that Devin Hester might get switched from defense to offense. Are you encouraging the coaching staff to make that move?

DW: (Laughs) No, I'm not encouraging it. They're gonna do what they want to do. He needs the ball in his hands at all times. He's a great guy. ... I think we need to keep the ball in his hands as much as possible.

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