Smith Brings Out Best in Archuleta

A little over a year ago, Adam Archuleta signed the richest contract in history for a safety. But after one miserable season in Washington, he is ready to get his career back on track in Chicago. Archuleta spent some time with Editor in Chief John Crist at this past weekend's Fan Convention and can't wait to prove everybody wrong back in the District of Columbia.

John Crist: It's no secret that you're a big fan of Lovie Smith. What's it like knowing that you'll be playing for him again?

Adam Archuleta: I can't tell you how glad I am to be back with Lovie Smith. He is a coach who has impacted my entire career. I've tried to reunite with him since 2003. I've never seen anyone who treats his players with more respect. He never yells at his players or tries to demean them. We are talked to like men, like grown-ups. That makes such a difference to us mentally, and in return, Lovie gets a full effort out on the field. He has a passion for the game and the intelligence to understand how to get things done. He's willing to work with players to make them the best they can be. We all respect that.

JC: How much do you know about the city of Chicago and the fan base here? Did you ever envision putting on a Bears uniform?

AA: I'm glad to be here in Chicago, a city I'd only visited twice before. When I was drafted, I always said I'd only play where it was warm. Well I guess that went down the drain, but the payoff will be worth it.

JC: We all know that your year in Washington did not go according to plan. That being said, did you learn anything that will make you a better football player now?

AA: I have a lot to prove after last year with the Redskins. The positive there is that Washington gave me a chance to rest, so I'd be ready to play well for Chicago this season.

JC: The Bears struggled at safety down the stretch last season after Mike Brown got hurt. What can you bring to the secondary that wasn't here a year ago?

AA: It's my seventh year as a strong safety. I feel ready to contribute however the Bears choose to use me. I have a physical, aggressive style, and I play with passion and enthusiasm.

JC: I'm sure you're happy to be out of our nation's capital, but is there anything you'd like to say to all the Redskins fans out there?

AA: I want to show the fans in D.C. what I am capable of doing out there. I think they might be surprised. It was a personality clash with the coaches in Washington. There wasn't any way things could have worked out as the season wore on. I'm not saying it was anybody's fault. I just want to put that behind me and go on positively from here.

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