Trade with Washington Appears Dead

There has been rampant speculation that the Bears and Redskins might be in the works on a blockbuster trade involving Lance Briggs and the sixth overall selection in the NFL Draft, but the deal may have died a slow death. GM Jerry Angelo is asking for Rocky McIntosh in addition to the No. 6, but Washington refuses to part ways with him. It remains to be seen if any other offers are made.


As of right now, Lance Briggs isn't going anywhere. has learned that the Bears have turned down the Redskins' offer of trading the sixth pick of April's draft for Chicago's Pro Bowl linebacker and the 31st pick of the draft. Redskins sources say Bears GM Jerry Angelo has phoned Washington with his decision.

For now it seems the deal is dead, but that may not mean the deal is lost for good. It appears the main sticking point is the fact that the Bears believe the pot isn't sweet enough as is.

Chicago would love the Redskins' young linebacker Rocky McIntosh in the deal to play Briggs' outside linebacker position. By trading Briggs, Chicago has no starting weakside `backer. However, Redskins sources contend they do not want to part with McIntosh even though he'll either have to move positions or wait for an injury to Briggs if he is to get on the field over the next couple of years.

One Redskins official said despite the logjam, they view McIntosh as a good young player who has too much upside with which to part. Perhaps one option would be for the Redskins to include McIntosh but then ask Chicago for more as well to even it out a bit.

At this point, however, the two sides have hit a stalemate putting both sides right back where they started before the NFL Owners Meeting last week in Phoenix.

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