Room for Improvement

The Bears fourth-round pick Alex Brown could be expected to have the biggest impact of all the team's draft choices. However, the rookie DE was inactive in the season opener.

The question is why?

Head coach Dick Jauron said Brown will have to improve his special teams coverage to be active on gamedays.

"In order to get active, they've got to prove that they deserve to be one of the seven or eight, whatever their position is, active players on Sunday," Jauron said about any player attempting to become part of the 45-man gameday roster. "And to do that they've got to be able to play special teams, they've got to fight their way into the nickel or dime package, make themselves indispensable to us. What we tell them now is once it starts, you've got to play your way on and you'll get an opportunity, and once you get the opportunity, you've got to make yourself indispensable. You've got to show us that you belong being active and that we're going to make a mistake if we ever put you down again. And that comes through playing (special) teams and their position not just their position. They've got to contribute on teams."

Brown was disappointed not to get an opportunity against the Vikings, but Jauron said that not being active on gamedays is an adjustment for most rookies.

"Like any inactive player, particularly young players, I think it comes as a shock even though you explain the rules to them and you get them ready for what's going to happen on gameday."

Brown could soon get his chance to prove what he can do on the NFL level. The severity of Phillip Daniels' sprained left ankle is still in doubt, but there have been reports that the injury could keep the veteran DE out for three weeks.

"Coach Blache must have thought that I didn't fit into the particular situations the defense faced against the Vikings," Brown said. "I am working on strength and conditioning to be the best player I can be. I have the desire and the skill and I'm ready to go against the Falcons. All I need now is time on the field during a game. In the meantime, I'm practicing hard, working on reading the plays and building speed and strength-I'm giving it all I've got."

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