Chandler downplaying reunion

Chris Chandler spent five seasons in Atlanta, but was released during the off-season when head coach Dan Reeves decided it was time to go with Michael Vick at quarterback.

Chandler made two Pro Bowl teams while in Atlanta and took the Falcons to their only Super Bowl appearance.

In spite of the history he has with the franchise he is trying to talk about the game like any other.

"It's going to be a big time road game in the NFC that we have to go win," Chandler said.

When asked about his release from the Falcons he seemed to hold something against his former team.

"But, as far as the whole Atlanta thing I was forgotten March 1, when they didn't want me anymore so I really don't have any feelings (about it)."

Falcons head coach Dan Reeves said is was a tough decision to let the veteran quarterback go, but it was in the best interest of Chandler and the team to part ways.

"Certainly it was my final decision as I have the voice as far as personal is concerned. It was not an easy decision. I've been in the same situation with a young quarterback in Denver with John Elway and I know he developed a lot faster because we made the decision that we were going to let him be the starter. Eliminate any of the possibilities that would slow his ability to become a starter and all the controversy that might creep into that.

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for Chris both professionally and personally. Can't ask for somebody to do a better job than he did in coming in here and it was tough on him last year. With Mike (Vick) being behind him even as a rookie from a fan standpoint and I just felt like that was a situation that if Mike was ready (to play it) was going to get worse. The closer their abilities became apparent it was going to be more difficult to make the decision as who was going to be the starter."

Michael Vick studied under Chandler the majority of last season, but saw action in eight games starting two. Despite the controversy between Vick and Chandler the new Falcons quarterback said they had a good working relationship.

"Chris is a very cool guy. I enjoyed my time with him and I enjoyed watching him play. He was a great quarterback and he knew a lot about the game. I have a lot of respect for Chris," Vick said.

Call Up: It looks more likely that rookies Alex Brown and Roosevelt Williams will be active for Sunday's game against Atlanta.

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