Found Memories

Growing up on the East Coast Bears head coach Dick Jauron watched the late John Unitas play for the Baltimore Colts.

"I'm just not an expert on quarterbacks, but certainly he's one of the best who ever played. I don't know where he'd rank. Like a lot of people, I suppose, my age, coming of age, you're watching that guy. This is the guy.

"I read somewhere where somebody said if you put the thick eyebrows and the thick mustache out there everybody would know it was Groucho Marks. And if you put a crew cut out there and a pair of high tops everybody would know it's John Unitas. Everybody from a certain era would.

"And that's the truth. I think that's what he represented, particularly to young kids like me growing up with the game. He happened to be a favorite of my oldest brother. You know how that is with younger brothers. So I always looked to this guy. He really was something. I didn't know much about his personal life. It sounds like he was a tremendous person too in the community, which is always good, always good for him and for the community and for the league. But that team: Unitas to Lenny Moore and Unitas to Ray Berry were things that I kind of grew up with. So it was a shock. It was a shock."

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