No. 31 Selection: TE Greg Olsen

Not very many prognosticators figured Greg Olsen would be available at 31st overall. But after the Panthers and Saints decided to address other needs, the best tight end available is now property of the Bears. Despite the fact that Desmond Clark had the best season of his career in 2006, Olsen has the kind of talent to take this offense to the next level and comes for a school that produces TEs.

Tight end Greg Olsen
On what kind of contact he had with the Bears before the draft:
"I met with the Bears at the Combine. we always felt that they were a possibility, and sure enough it worked out that we were fortunate enough to be drafted by them. And like I said, I couldn't be happier with that situation and the team I was selected by."

On whether or not he thought he was going to go higher on draft day:
"You heard all along different projections had me going different scenarios, but as we all know, the draft is a funny thing. I mean who would have thought some of the things that happened just this year alone, and also in the past. So we came in knowing that things can happen, and they happen for a reason. And I feel very fortunate that I was there for the Chicago Bears to take me."

Head coach Lovie Smith
Opening comments after the selection of Olsen was announced:
"Of course, it's been a long wait today, but we're not complaining about picking 31. Believe me, we'll take that or maybe 32 any draft. Starting off the morning going into it, we had a couple scenarios that you wanted to play out. I mean, this is one of them. Tight end has been a need for us to add another good player to the mix for a while, and we definitely feel we've been able to do that picking Greg Olsen."

On what the organization sees in Olsen and what he can bring to the offense:
"Things you look for at the tight end position – he has great size, a coach's son, a smart player. But some of the physical ability. I mean speed. We talked about adding speed at all positions, and we're definitely able to do that. It's been documented the type of speed he has and just the athletic ability. We think he'll be able to stretch the field [and] make the tough catch with his size. It's a good day for us. We definitely added another piece to the puzzle for our offense."

General manager Jerry Angelo
On the selection of Olsen and whether he thought he would be available:
"Needless to say, we're very excited about our No. 1 pick in Greg Olsen. We had targeted Greg during our meetings. We felt that there might be an outside chance that he'd still be there given the fact that he was really the only tight end that was touted in the first round from what we had heard from different teams. So it worked out very well for us."

On Olsen's shortcomings as a blocker and whether that weighed on his decision:
"Every position - just about - they are going to have a strength and they're going to have an area of concern. We wanted to get an athletic tight end. Somebody that could stretch the defense, good hands. And you have to compromise some things, and we compromised the blocking. He's not a great blocker, nor will he ever be a great blocker. He'll be an official blocker in the framework of what we want to do. John Gilmore does a lot of the dirty work in that area. So, square peg in a square hole. That's what we're looking for."

Miami Hurricanes head coach Randy Shannon
On what makes Olsen such a good player and such a top prospect:
"Greg has a unique talent in that the Bears can make him have matchup problems with linebackers because he can catch the ball, and he runs very good routes. He can use his 6-5 body and block and do a lot of good things. He can go deep against a linebacker or a DB."

On where Olsen fits in the lineage of great tight ends at Miami:
"He's one of the best tight ends ever to come out of Miami, like Jeremy Shockey, Bubba Franks, and Kellen Winslow. Like Shockey, he's very good at both catching the ball and blocking."

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