Alex Brown Diary

Rookie Defensive End Alex Brown joins Bear Report with weekly updates on his experiences as a player in the NFL.

Brown is a graduate of Florida with a degree in Recreation Program Delivery. He resides in White Springs, Florida. At 6-3,260 pounds, he is an explosive hitter and possesses the quickness to beat the blockers coming off of the edge. Brown has a wide frame with excellent lateral flexibility and is powerful enough to prevent being bumped wide. As a senior, Brown was one of the nation's top defensive performers and was a Lombardi Award finalist in 2001. A 4th round draft pick, Brown has strong potential to be an impact player for the Bears.

Well, here it is, the second week of the regular season and the Bears are getting ready to travel to Atlanta. This game should be a challenge for the defense as Michael Vick is smart, mobile quarterback. He had a great game against Green Bay. Atlanta also has number of good players on their offense, including Warrick Dunn and T.J. Duckett. The Falcons might be looking for some payback after their loss last year to the Bears in Atlanta.

We've been watching lots of game film, practicing our moves. Coach Jauron says they will be using recorded noise on our practice field later this week just to get us used to what it will be like in then Georgia Dome. This is the first home game of the Falcons season. It could get loud in there.

I was disappointed at not having a chance to play in the Vikings game in Champaign last week. It's never much fun to be on the sidelines when you want to be on the field. But I also realize that the coaches have a reason for what they do. That is what being a rookie is all about. You just keep coming to practice and work your hardest. If the coach thinks that you have what the team needs to win, you'll be in there.

There have been some injuries to players on the defense this week. That should increase the chances of rookies getting time on the field. But again, that isn't my decision. You might think that you have all the answers, but you don't. And you can be sure that you aren't going to be playing on Sunday unless the coach thinks you are able to contribute. The best thing that a player can do is work hard whether or not he thinks he'll be in the game. It's a pattern that you get into. I've been doing that every day since I joined this team.

But if I don't get a chance to play this week, it won't be a terrible thing. I know that my time will come. There are many ways that a player can contribute to the team, even when he isn't on the field. My job is to be as useful as possible, to do what the coaches tell me, and to be confident that when they do need me on the field, I'll give it everything I've got.

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