No. 62 Selection: DE Dan Bazuin

Powerhouse programs like Florida State have only produced one draft choice so far, but Central Michigan now has two. Defensive end Dan Bazuin is the second Chippewa off the board and now on his way to Chicago. The Bears hit a home run with Mark Anderson in the fifth round last year, so it appears that Jerry Angelo is putting a priority on pressure from the front four.

Defensive end Dan Bazuin
On whether or not he has any experience in a Cover 2 defensive scheme:
"I've never dropped down. I've never done anything to that nature. The system is going to be new to me no matter what."

On if he was surprised that he went to the Bears in Round 2:
"I'm not surprised. I always felt like I was a first- or second-round type of guy. So I wasn't too surprised, but it just feels great to have gone in the second round. And I'm living my dream, and that's what it's all about."

General manager Jerry Angelo
On why he targeted Bazuin and what he likes about him as a player:
"The reason that we looked at him, again, a defensive lineman. Highly productive. 35 sacks approximately. Led the nation his junior year in plays for a loss, something like 60. Has a great motor. Fits our scheme. Good run player. Obviously the production on third down as a pass-rusher speaks for itself. Hopefully he's a very good combination player and a good three-down player, and we felt the value of that pick was the reason that we made it. We didn't really see it as a need. Again, it more relied on the value, and all felt good about that."

On why he decided on another defensive end despite needs elsewhere:
"It just creates more competition at the position. Just gets another defensive lineman in the mix. I feel that he could play inside as a strong tackle. That will be a pass-rusher over the guard, [but] I don't know that the coaches will do that. We felt in evaluating him he had the ability to do that. We just liked the football player. We've got another defensive lineman in the mix. You know how we covet defensive linemen, so we'll let it shake out. If it creates good competition, best man win so to speak. And we play a lot of defensive linemen on game day, so that will all sort itself out. It was just really the value of the player."

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