No. 94 Selection: LB Michael Okwo

Lance Briggs was not traded on Day 1 of the draft and is still property of the Bears, but that didn't stop Jerry Angelo from selecting another weakside linebacker. Michael Okwo played on the weak side three of his four seasons at Stanford. Although somewhat undersized, he reacts quickly, has good instincts, and was by far the best player on a bad Cardinal defense.

Linebacker Michael Okwo
On his initial reaction once he found out he was headed to the Bears:
"It feels great. I got the phone call when I was text-messaging Trent [Edwards] to tell him congratulations because he got picked one pick or a couple picks before me. My phone started ringing and I didn't recognize the number, and I looked up at the TV and saw the Chicago Bears. I definitely got excited then and almost couldn't talk on the phone, but it feels great and I am excited to be a Bear. I'm ready to get after it."

On whether or not he played any Cover 2 at Stanford and knows the defense:
"We played the Cover 2 pretty often in our defense. We sort of ran pretty similar defense to the Chicago Bears, except we ran the Cover 2 out of the 3-4 primarily. I know the Bears do a lot of three linebackers, Cover 2 stuff. In terms of the coverage, I am very familiar with it."

Director of College Scouting Greg Gabriel
On what the organization sees in Okwo and why they drafted him:
"I see him as a will linebacker. He's very athletic. He's intense. Not the tallest guy – 5-11.5 – but he runs well. He's very strong and explosive. He has great instincts. He makes a lot of plays."

On whether it was hard to evaluate Okwo because he was on such a bad team:
"No, he kind of jumps out at you when you're watching Stanford play. In fact, I was at the Stanford-Notre Dame game. He made a lot of plays."

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