No. 130 Selection: OG Josh Beekman

It was a surprise that Jerry Angelo did not address his offensive line despite the fact that they'll average close to 32 years old next season. The starting unit is intact, but the team needs to start stockpiling quality backups. Josh Beekman played both guard and center at Boston College and will bring both youth and versatility up front.

Offensive guard Josh Beekman
On why he played both guard and center in the same game at times:
"I played center and guard in the same game just because they felt like – for me – if the starting center went down they wanted me to be able to have reps [and] just move over just in case of emergency. You never know what's going to happen in a game. Unfortunately, our center did go down a couple of times this season, so I had to step up and start a coupe of games. And they also said it would help me. All my life I played guard. This was my first year playing center, and they said it would help me for the next league just to be this versatile."

On whether Boston College runs a man blocking scheme like the Bears:
"At BC, we ran a pro-style offense over man and zone. We try to get off of double-teams. We've got single blocking. So I'm going to come in this weekend and try to start picking up the offense as early as possible and just start learning. That's the first step that I need to do is get the playbook, soak it all in, and get the new terminology down so I can be – I think – as good as I possibly can be this coming season."

Offensive coordinator Ron Turner
On what he liked in Beekman and what he saw on film watching him:
"I'm really surprised he was there in the fourth round. I liked him a lot on film. He's a guy that played guard – right guard. He also went in to center about every third series, and I really, really thought he did a good job on film. Like I said, I was shocked that he was there in the fourth round."

On whether it's commonplace to play guard and center in the same game:
"No, it's not common at all. It's unusual. It's hard to do. It's a lot harder maybe than what it sounds to do. To be playing guard all of a sudden, then go in and snap [and] play center. He did it very well."

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