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Despite having limited experience in the NFL Michael Vick is quickly on the rise of NFL quarterbacks. Bears defensive coordinator Greg Blache knows Vick is only going to get better.

The second year pro completed all ten of his passing attempts against Green Bay in the first half of last Sunday's contest, which saw the Falcons lose 34-31 in overtime. In total Vick finished the day 15-23 passing for 209 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions. He also ran nine times for 72 yards and a score.

Blache knows Vick presents a dual threat of being able to throw or run.

"He's faster than any other guy we've seen," Blache said. "He's faster than Daunte Culpepper, he's faster than Donovan McNabb, he's not as big as Culpepper, but he's go better speed than either one of them. He's got the ability like a Darrin Nelson or Barry Sanders to change direction and make people miss.

"We've got to come up with turnovers because I don't know if we're going to be able to go out and stop this guy. We're not going to go out and say, `OK, we're going to go three and out,' we'll just play you on downs, because he can keep the chains moving. When we get the opportunity to create a loose ball, when he's scrambling trying smack it out, when the ball is in the air try and pick it off, we've got to create turnovers to have a chance of winning this football game and ideally score on defense."

The Bears were able to do that last year when Chicago traveled to Atlanta in week four. Up 17-0 in the fourth quarter the defense went after Vick. Phillip Daniels sacked the quarterback forcing a fumble that Brian Urlacher recovered and returned 90 yards for a touchdown sealing the Bears victory.

Vick was asked what he remembers about the Bears defense.

"Getting mugged and beat around," he said "Coming down when we were down ten points and getting beating around a little bit. In spite I still thought I had a good game throwing the football and running a little bit. It was tough coming in down and they were playing some tough coverages. They just sat back and played cover two all game and forced us to throw into the zone. This year we start from zero, zero and give me a fair chance."

The Bears are facing a different quarterback then they saw a year ago. Vick is much more comfortable throwing the ball in Dan Reeves' offense, but he's also the best runner on the field.

"I fell like I can get out of any kind of trouble unless I'm surrounded by three or four guys," Vick said of his ability to get away from defenders. "I think if there are one or two guys in front of me I don't think they have a chance."

It will be an interesting to see what Brian Urlacher has to say about that come Sunday.

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