Bear Report recently caught up with Falcons starting quarterback Michael Vick and had the chance to ask him a few questions.

Why are you playing better player this year?

"I'm little bit more experience this year then I was last year to have a bit more knowledge about the game. I'm just trying to stay on the right track and continue to learn, so I can continue to play good football."

Does simplifying the offense have anything to do with it?

"We really didn't simplify the offense we just changed the verbiage of the offense. Going to a numbering system. Formations are still the same, so it wasn't that much of the change. "

There seems to be an emphasis on this game because of the way the Bears beat the Falcons last year.

"It's nothing personal. They came out last year and they had a great team and they had a great game. Not to say that they don't have a great team this year they have a very good football team and I'm approaching it the same way as I approached Green Bay. To try to go out and get a win. To go out and be consistent and play with poise and confidence."

Scouts say you can be the best quarterback of all time. What kind of expectations do you have?

"That's a great compliment for people to write things like that. The thing I want to do is go out and prove I'm the best. I play this game to be number one and I think I have the physical talent to do it and I think I have the brain to do it at the quarterback position. So, I want to do is put all my skills to the test and hopefully we go out and have success against our opponents and try to work my way to become one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL."

Is it hard for you not to scramble?

"I really don't think about that. I sit in the pocket. When I scramble I scramble you know that's my game. That's what works for us, so why stop doing it."

Do you feel more comfortable as a pocket passer?

"I like sitting in the pocket and making throws from the pocket. I comfortable getting out of the pocket or sitting in there. It doesn't make a difference I can do it all and that's why I think I'm going to have an edge in this league. Because when I do become the complete pocket passer, which I think I have some years to grow, then my scrambling abilities will just be an extra edge to me."

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