Bear Report recently caught up with Falcons head coach Dan Reeves, who is in his sixth year with the team, is the NFL winningest active coach with 188 victories.

Thoughts on quarterback Michael Vick.

"If talent and work ethic has anything to do with it then he's going to be unbelievable. Because he's got the talent and he's certainly shown that he has the work ethic. Nobodies worked any harder to try to prepare himself from the time we made the decision in the off-season that we were going to go with Mike.

"He's still got a long ways to go. Quarterback is not a position that you just go out there (and succeed). It just takes a long time for that position (to develop) in particularly as young as Mike is. He hasn't had a lot of experience of throwing the football in college. He's been able to improvise and still does that to a great degree, but he's becoming more and more adjusted to staying within the system."

What do you think of the Chicago Bears?

"They are an excellent football team. Extremely well coached they accomplished an awful lot last year. One of the biggest things in this league that you have to learn to do is learn to win and have that confidence that every time you step on the field you feel like you can (win). They have that they've done it in some adverse situations and come from behind and won football games. They play with a lot of tenacity.

"They beat us probably worse than anybody last year. They completely dominated the game. Created seven sacks in the game five turnovers. Their defense did a really good job, but they were also good in the special teams area and the offensive area. So, we've got our work cut out for us we realize that."

How's former Illinois star Kurt Kittner coming along?

"He's an outstanding prospect. He's extremely bright has all the qualities you look for in a quarterback. We're tickled to death to have Kurt. I can see why he was so successful (in college). Not only physically just mentally he's extremely sharp as far as knowing the offense. He picked it up very quickly and I'd say if he was every called upon to play quarterback for us and win a game we'd have a chance with Kurt Kittner as a rookie to win a game because he's that far along."

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