Mini Camp Chat: Josh Beekman

The Bears really needed to get younger along the offensive line in the NFL Draft, so they used a fourth-round pick on the versatile Josh Beekman from Boston College. A contributor at both guard and tackle, he'll be able to learn from one of the best in Ruben Brown. Beekman spent some time with after Saturday's mini camp practice, and this is what he had to say.

John Crist: You've now had two days of practice as an NFL player. What do you feel like you've learned already?

Josh Beekman: Well, I learned a lot. I learned that this is going to be a different scheme than I'm used to. You've just got to come in like you were a freshman in college. Just willing to learn and take coaching, and just learn the lingo and the new scheme.

JC: How much different is the instruction at this level versus what you received every day at Boston College.

JB: Well, I think the instruction is the same. High-intense coach, passionate about what they do, focused on what they do. Just a little different in how they all runs things, and that's what you've got to learn. You've got to start to learn your new coach.

JC: You're coming to an organization that has been and always will be a running football team. Since offensive linemen love to run block, was that extra satisfying on draft day?

JB: It was. [On] Sunday morning when Coach Smith called me up and said I was going to be a Chicago Bear, I instantly smiled and thanked God for the opportunity to play for the Chicago Bears because they are a power-run team.

JC: Cedric Benson is a straight-ahead runner, but one of your fellow rookies, Garrett Wolfe, is a lot shiftier. Does it make any difference to you who's in the backfield in terms of how you block a play?

JB: I don't think you have to change your style. You might have to make some slight adjustments based on who's running if he's a power guy or a speed guy, but the play is the same. It's my job to do my assignment, and if I do, the play is going to be successful.

JC: You're going to be playing behind a nine-time Pro Bowl player in Ruben Brown. What can you learn from a guy like that every day in practice?

JB: Well, I think everything. I think worth ethic. I think technique. I'm going to watch a bunch of tape and see the kind of consistency that's needed at this level. But he knows what to do technique-wise, hand-wise, feet-wise. I'm looking forward to learning everything I can.

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