Johnson Released From Jail

Tank Johnson is finally going home. After pleading guilty to parole violation and serving 60 days of a 120-day jail sentence, the fourth-year defensive tackle is a free man once again. However, his troubles are far from over. Johnson is due to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday and could be staring a lengthy suspension right in the face.


Chicago Bears defensive tackle Tank Johnson will have a hearing about his off-field problems with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday.

Johnson will be released from jail Sunday after serving 60 days of a 120-day sentence for violating parole in a 2005 case.

On April 30, the 25-year-old pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor weapons charge stemming from a Dec. 14 police raid on his Gurnee, IL home that found six unregistered firearms. In that case, he was given a 45-day sentence that he was allowed to serve concurrently with the four-month sentence.

Goodell has made it clear such off-field transgressions will be dealt with harshly by the NFL.

On Friday, Goodell will hear an appeal from Adam 'Pacman' Jones of the Tennessee Titans, who was suspended for the 2007 season under the league's strengthened personal conduct policy. Jones and his attorneys want to appeal the length of the suspension after Jones was questioned by police 10 times since being drafted in 2005.

Goodell also suspended Cincinnati wide receiver Chris Henry for eight games for a series of off-field problems.

Johnson's bodyguard, Willie B. Posey, was arrested on felony drug charges after the raid on Johnson's home. Posey was shot and killed two days later during an early morning fight while he and Johnson were at a nightclub in Chicago.

The Bears suspended Johnson for one game for being at the club but brought him back during the playoffs and Super Bowl.

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