Shift on the Fly

Bears defensive coordinator Greg Blache switched left defensive end Bryan Robinson to the right side and put injured Phillip Daniels' replacement, Keith McKenzie, on the left side.

"I didn't know anything about it ahead of time," McKenzie said.

Blache had a good reason, especially after seeing Minnesota rush for 136 yards last week, many to the left side of the Bears' defense. He did it because Robinson is having trouble recovering from one of the broken wrists he suffered in the off-season.

"He's having trouble with the with the wrist that he had hurt on the other side with the cast on it, and he couldn't get his arm out fully extended like he wanted," Blache said. "But on the other side the blocks are going the other way, so you just had to take him and move him to the other side where most of the blocks go to the good hand and he's able to do it a lot better.

"It has to do with maximizing what we have."

The Falcons' running backs were held to 66 yards on 20 carries, and only 15 yards on two carries in the second half.

Asked if this would occur again, Blache said, "You'll have to come back next week. We're not going to give you any sneak previews like the movie house."

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