Chandler's Revenge

Bears backup quarterback Chris Chandler got his revenge on the Falcons for cutting him after all. And he didn't even get into the game.

When officials ruled Atlanta's Jackson had caught a 42-yard pass from Vick late in the fourth quarter, Chandler was standing nearby on the sidelines and began hollering to coach Dick Jauron.

"Chris Chandler from the field, he said "I had a really good view of that and I don't think he caught it," Bears coach Dick Jauron said.

So Jauron consulted with Bears quality control coach Pete Carmichael in the coaches' box and Carmichael said the same thing.

"He trapped it with his facemask and hands," Chandler said. "I was standing on the yard line and it was a perfect angle to see. The ball got trapped and he tried to go back to get it. It kind of just rattled real quick on the ground between that and his face mask before he got his hands under it.

"It was incomplete and I saw they were giving it to him and I just started yelling to Dick. I said "check with the guys upstairs but I'm pretty sure.""

The incompletion and ensuing punt forced a sack when Atlanta would have been at the Bears' 22 with a chance at the winning field goal.

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