Give Him the Damn Ball

He makes it look easy. All he does is catch touchdowns, so when is he going to get his chance?

David Terrell came into training camp with a fresh new attitude, a vibrant new way of looking at the game of football, as he insisted he had gained a mature outlook for the 2002 season. Throughout training camp, the main focus on wide receiver was the sudden emergence of Dez White, along with the questions surrounding Marcus Robinson's injured knee. Terrell went virtually unnoticed besides his minor brush with the law.

Two weeks into the season, Marty Booker remains the only productive receiver in the lineup. Marcus Robinson has been the fourth receiver, pulling in just one pass for ten yards in two games. Whether Robinson's knee is an issue or not, his lack of production has forced the Bears to look toward other receivers.

In week two, the Bears had control of the ball in the fourth quarter, running it down the field with Anthony Thomas. They maintained a good offensive drive with a mix of short passes and runs, in order to set up the play action pass. The playaction worked almost to perfection as Miller had Dez White streaking down the middle of the field after the safety in charge of covering the speedy White bit on the run fake. Miller launched a perfect ball to White only to see it dropped, missing out on a sure touchdown catch. White through the first two games of the season has just five catches for fifty yards.

The Bears only threat in the passing attack thus far has been Booker, which begs the question, when is David Terrell going to get his chance? Terrell was rated as the number one wide receiver in a solid receiving class coming out of college in 2000 and has yet to get the opportunity owed to a prototypical number one caliber wide receiver. In two games with limited playing time he has delivered, catching two crucial touchdown passes, proving that his pass dropping days of last season are over.

Head coach Dick Jauron has nothing but good things to say about Terrell calling him exuberant and tough.

"We like what he's done you know he's got the two for two and those are two big scores for us," Jauron said. "It's one of the reasons we got him obviously we talked about it when we drafted him the redzone and certainly he's proven that so far this year."

However, Terrell isn't getting more opportunities. What else does the receiver need to do to get his chance? He might have to take a page from the Keyshawn Johnson book and demand the ball.

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