OTA Chat: DB Danieal Manning

Danieal Manning may have been a starter on a Super Bowl team as a rookie, but he has had a disappointing offseason. Apparently out of a job at safety, he is now seeing most of his time at cornerback. Manning spent some time with BearReport.com after Wednesday's OTA session at Halas Hall and talked about making the switch, the importance of Mike Brown, and his expectations for this season.

John Crist: We all know moving from safety to cornerback will be a tough task, but how much actual experience to you have at the corner position?

Danieal Manning: I feel like I have my share of cornerback experience. I had some in high school and some in college, and I'm getting a little bit here in the NFL. So I've had my fair share.

JC: How did the team approach you about making the switch, and was it something you welcomed or something you resisted?

DM: I welcomed it. I knew that getting drafted there was always a `tweener [aspect] with me. Are they going to put you at safety or put you at corner? My mind said, "Just be ready for anything."

JC: You were doing a little bit of everything today. Do you now have twice as much to learn on defense?

DM: Yeah. You always can't stop yourself from learning. I'm always going in there trying to learn everything I can. A cornerback has his ups and downs only because of the inexperience I have here at this next level with the schemes we have. But I'm learning and picking it up.

JC: The passing defense just wasn't the same after Mike Brown went down last year. How much did you miss him personally, and how great is it to have him back?

DM: Just the little things that he told you. Some of the stuff that you never really experienced, he already experienced. So he brought you up, basically. He's like, "Don't worry about that. This is what they're going to try to do." OK. And you learn from that. You never have to make that mistake."

JC: You're the starter on a Super Bowl team as a rookie. What do you have planned as an encore in your second season?

DM: Same thing I approached my first year. Just to come in and contribute any way I can, on defense and on special teams. Wherever they want me – safety, corner – I'm happy.

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