OTA Chat: WR Mike Hass

Mike Hass put up some ridiculous numbers as a collegian, but he was forced to sit and watch from the sideline as a rookie in the NFL. However, he's done well in the offseason and has a chance to make the team. Hass spent some time with BearReport.com after Monday's OTA session at Halas Hall and talked about the practice squad, what he brings to the table, and the competition he has at receiver.

John Crist: You were a member of the practice squad last season. How much better can you really get without playing any actual games?

Mike Hass: It's better than not playing football. It's better than being out of the game. You're still practicing every day. You're doing everything that the whole team does except for playing the game, which is obviously a big thing. I'm just out there running routes and learning a little bit of the offense and running. You can definitely work on your skills.

JC: There have been a lot of additions to this offense, including much more speed. What are you seeing out here that you didn't see a year ago?

MH: I wasn't here for OTAs or any of that last year. I was just here during the year. Kind of the same thing. It's the same offense. New guys, I guess.

JC: Is it ever tough to get along with your fellow receivers out here at practice since you're battling some of these guys for a roster spot?

MH: Not really. I mean, you don't think of that. You just try to go out and do what you do. You try to make your plays, and that's all you can do. You can't control what anybody else does. You know in the back of your mind you're battling against some of the other guys, but the only thing you can really do about it is play well.

JC: What do you think you can personally bring to this offense that was absent a year ago?

MH: I can be a reliable guy. Just a guy who's going to catch the ball and move the chains and let the speedsters go down the field. I'll get a first down, and then they can get the long touchdowns. So hopefully that, and obviously special teams will be big. That's something I've got to get into. So just those things.

JC: We have about five or six weeks until training camp begins in Bourbonnais. What will you be doing with that time, work or vacation?

MH: It's not vacation time. Summer in this league is not vacation time. I'll take a couple days after we get done, and then it's right back to getting ready for the season. It's obviously a big camp for me.

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