Johnson Inspiring Heated Debate

If nothing else, the latest incident involving Tank Johnson has spawned some serious debate on message boards all over the country. Here at, it appears that half the posters think there has been a rush to judgement, while the other half want him shipped out of town immediately. Check out what these readers had to say about this super sensitive issue.

At this point, I just don't care about Tank. When Harris was out, the interior pretty much sucked. Which leads me to believe that Tank didn't help all that much. Stability was all we got with him in there (meaning that we knew what we had). But by the time Tank is done serving his current suspension (which will probably go up if he really got arrested), we will probably have gotten some stability.

If he plays this season, he is most likely just going to be a backup even if his suspension doesn't go up. – EvesOwner

If you keep this simply on a football level, it's true that Johnson has been little more than an average player in his career.

Wow. Ditka, Hornung, Taylor, Atkins – those guys used to do this stuff all the time, and no one cared. Really and truly, what Johnson has done is nothing very big. These guys aren't priests, you know. Hell, we all could name hundreds of past players that were much worse and much crazier than this. People need to relax. He cooperated with the police and unless proven otherwise simply had a "little" too much to drink. I didn't know that partying was against the rules of the NFL. – 405134

It's true that the likes of Ditka and Hornung did their fair share of carousing back when they played, but we used to burn witches in Salem, too.

What is this guy doing out at 3:30 in the morning when he's supposedly trying to change his life around?

A lot of people put their ass and their reputation out for this guy, and he's out driving around at 3:30 in the morning? Even if it's the slightest amount of alcohol in his system? What a clown. Doesn't this kid have a wife and kids?

Not only that, but I'm a black man. I know when I'm out at that time of the morning, I know not to go 1 MPH over the speed limit. Just asking for trouble. Get rid of him. Some people just never learn. – CubsFreak73

The potentially minor infraction itself is not nearly as important as Johnson continuing to make poor decisions, as this reader is obviously highlighting.

While I agree this is dumb, I refuse to crucify the guy until the facts come in. Going 40 in a 25 is nothing to get your life ruined for. If he was drunk then throw the book at him, but we do not know that yet. – NHBearsFan

The results of Johnson's blood test will not be known for another week or so, but it will be interesting to see how the Bears react if he was under the legal limit.

I told you all time and time again, in fact I told you from the very first Tank incident a couple of years ago. This guy is nothing but trouble. Of course, people gave him the benefit of the doubt. The sooner this guy is off the team (and out of the NFL), the better off the Bears team will be.

What one thing is the common bond that people like Tank Johnson, Vick, Pac-Man, and the slew of other criminal types in the NFL. They never learn from their mistakes and always get into further trouble. I cannot think of one professional athlete ever in the history of athletics who has gotten himself into trouble and then changed his life. Not one, ever, in any sport. These athletes are too spoiled, too overpaid, too selfish and just plain too foolish.

I said it a year ago when the Bears drafted Dusty: Tank's days are numbered. When he got suspended last year, I said that was the last you will ever see of him in a Bears uniform and we see the same thing happening over and over and over. – AngryBearsFan

There have been a few troubled athletes who have turned their lives around and done it the right way, but admittedly, that list is pretty short.

I am completely going under the assumption right now that he was under the legal limit. Of course, I hold the right to change my opinion if something to the contrary comes out. But the guy was speeding at 3:00 a.m. Who cares? Would it have been better if he was speeding at 6 a.m. after waking up? Bad decisions.

Maybe Tank was at a friend's house instead of at a club. Unless you know the facts, then you don't know anything. I know we are in the dying newspaper age where everything has to be made into a story to sell papers, but it's turning into a joke. People cry and cry about how they want the "thugs" and criminals to be accountable. Do you people live in the real world? People go to work every day, and there is a good chance that you or someone you know, has been arrested, gotten a DUI, or other types of crimes, and then people look at athletes and are completely shocked.

I enjoy watching football. Knowing the players are straight-A students and perfect citizens of society really doesn't aid my enjoyment of watching. A lot of these players aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, and when they get in trouble, nothing shocks me. – GCoop33

Sure, there are people from all walks of life who have made the same mistakes, but few of them had multi-million dollar careers hanging in the balance.

Why is anyone sticking up for this guy? He is jeopardizing everything that we have that is good. I guess if he is under the legal limit we can only pray that this is the last time he does something stupid.

And to say that other people use to do it is a terrible argument for saying, "It's OK, Tank." Just because Ditka did it doesn't mean it's OK. The fact remains that this guy can't control himself or get out of his own way. – NorthSiders

The Bears were praying that this would be Johnson's last mistake about three mistakes ago, so he should be out of second chances.

This whole incident smacks of bored local cops going over the edge to try to make a story. "Impaired to the slightest degree"? You know, someone in my family was arrested and charged with a DUI when he had a BAC of 0.05 (the legal limit was 0.10 in Illinois at the time) and had to spend several thousand dollars on an attorney to get the charges dropped, and the idiot cop fired from the force. So you'll forgive me if I don't just blindly accept the cop's word for it until I see the actual blood test results.

If Johnson was really impaired, then so be it. Then the Bears should take action, but some people on here who are impatiently calling for him to be thrown off the team for what is nothing more than a speeding ticket at this point are showing a great deal of immaturity and lack of knowledge about our justice system. Let's try to act like a judge or jury and reserve the categorical condemnations until the evidence comes in. – SkepticalBear

Unfortunately for Johnson, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has already shown that he doesn't wait around for a guilty verdict before acting.

The bottom line is if Tank was serious about turning his life around, he would be with his family at home asleep at 3:30 a.m. It's as simple as that. – BearJim

It's hard to argue with this post since Johnson himself has repeatedly said that he now wants to be the NFL Man of the Year one day.

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