Bear Report recently caught up with Saints head coach Jim Haslett.

General thoughts on game.
I think it's going to be a heck of a battle both teams are pretty good and they remind me of each other. Both tough teams that play hard.

What do you think of the Bears linebackers?
I never really looked at them until last year when Warrick (Holdman) was an unrestricted guy and we were looking at them. I think they are just good football players. They rush well they run well they're tough guys they love playing the game and very athletic. I don't know if they're the greatest of all-time, but they're really a fantastic group to watch.

What about Urlacher?
He just looks like a fantastic athlete to me. He does a lot of things. He rushes he's fearless, good tackler a guy that can do another of different things for you. Last year they ran the fake field goal and he ran the deep route. I mean he does a lot of good things.

What has been your blueprint for success?
I think obviously you always build around the players and you got to change your schemes based on who you have. We made a big switch this year when we traded Ricky Williams away on offense and we wanted to get some more speed. I don't think we were really made for the surface we play on, so we wanted to get some more speed on both sides of the ball. We wanted to get bigger.

Was it difficult to give Deuce McAllister more touches last year?
With him he came into training camp a little bit late. We really never got him into the flow of the offense and we had a good running back. Ricky Williams is a heck of a running back. They are just two different types of running backs. One is a pounder and you have to give the ball a lot to thirty times. Deuce is a guy that doesn't have to carry it as many times, but he can hit the big homeruns for you. So, we were kind of stuck we built the offense around the power game and played pretty good defense. Then we drafted Deuce in the first-round because there. He was the highest rated guy on the board, so it just probably wasn't conducive to having two good running backs.

Donte Stallworth getting involved in the offense.
He's only played forty plays; he's got eight catches and two touchdowns. So, we would like to get him more involved with the offense. He hasn't been starting he's our third wideout right now behind Jerome Pathon. But, we're going to try to get him in the game a little more and try to keep adding to it. Once he gets a better grasp of the offense hopefully someday he's our starter. But, right now we feel like Jerome is doing a good job and Joe Horn is doing a good job and we're very lucky to have three wideouts with that much speed and they're gifted players.

Do you do anything different with Ted Washington out?
You look at the endzone camera he takes up the whole camera. He's a big man and obviously if you lose a guy that good a player (it hurts). He eats up a lot of space. He's a heck of player and knock a lot of balls down. You hate to have a guy get hurt, but I think it obviously helps us when they don't have one of their better players in the game.

Comparison between the Bears and Saints.
We've only won two games, so we don't mind not having a respect. We're just the type of team that just wants to line up and play. Hopefully we play well and good things will happen. But, to be honest our team doesn't really care whether we get respect or not. I think it'll come with time and I don't think we deserve it yet.

You beat the Packers last week what was the key?
On defense we made Brett move his feet. I don't remember too many times that he was stationary throwing the ball. We tried to get him off rhythm. We disguised (our coverages) a lot. Offense we wanted to run the football and take some shots when we had a chance. The things that we set out to do we accomplished, but they are a good football team and they have a great quarterback and a good running back and skill at wideout. I thought we played about as well as we could play and it was 28-20 at one time.

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