Questionable call

Leading 23-21 late in the fourth quarter the Bears had a chance to run out the clock. However, on 3rd and 2 from their 44-yard line the offense abandoned a successful running game for a receiver screen. Marty Booker was stopped short and the Saints marched down the field and took the lead for good.

Offensive coordinator John Shoop is going to take a lot of heat for the call. Following the game he said if he had to do it over again he would have called a different play.

"Obviously because it didn't work, I wish I had that call back," Shoop said. "But I have no problem when it's third down and crunch time thinking people more than I think plays, and my mind immediately went to Marty Booker. I wanted to get him the ball. In hindsight, I wish we handed it off to Anthony (Thomas) going right up the middle."

There were two other reasons the Bears allowed the final touchdown drive. First, a 29-yard punt by Brad Maynard gave the Saints the ball at the 27-yard line instead of being pinned back further. Then the defense backs played off the New Orleans receivers, which gave quarterback Aaron Brooks a quick option when the Bears brought the blitz.

Still, the Bears offense had one more chance to win the game. Starting on their 31 they moved down to the Saints 18, but was unable to finish. With ten seconds left Jim Miller called a play thought Marty Booker thought was for him and Dez White believed thought he was getting the ball. The result was a New Orleans interception effectively ending the game.

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