Gray's season cut short

The Bears have been slowed by injuries in the opening month of the season. The team can now add rookie safety Bobby Gray, who dislocated his right wrist against the Saints, to the list as he is done for the year.

Gray had surgery on his wrist Monday morning and will be placed on injured reserve in the near future.

Head coach Dick Jauron has been talking about missing players since the season started spoke of what Gray's absence will mean to the secondary.

"Bobby was really playing well for us on special teams and in his role on the defensive side," Jauron said.

The team might have to bring in someone to add depth in the secondary with loss of Gray for the season and R.W. McQuarters for at least another week.

"We don't have any plans to do that right away but it's a consideration," Jauron said. "Right now we have 7 [DBs] active. Nickel is five and dime is six, so we've got the bodies. We've got four corners, (Mike Green) Greenie has played inside in our sub package, so there's some things we can do."

Jauron also said Fred Baxter and Rosevelt Colvin ankle sprains are day to day.

The team did get some positive news with the return of Daimon Shelton, who missed the last four games due to a suspension for a band nutritional supplement. The veteran said he's learned something from his suspension.

"I'm all natural now. I'm not taking nothing. It's not worth it."

Jauron said Stanley Pritchett has filled in well, but the team is better with Shelton in the lineup.

"He's (Shelton) a very, very talented guy at what he does," Jauron said. "He's a real team asset on and off the field and he does make the day long for linebackers on Sunday.

Shelton should help boost the running game. Although, Anthony Thomas ran for 111 yards against the New Orleans defense the running back is averaging just 3.33 yards per carry. In his Rookie of the Year campaign Thomas averaged 4.3 yards per carry with the help of Shelton as his lead blocker.

Jauron did not say Shelton would start but that is the likely scenario with Stanley Pritchett, who started at fullback through week three, being used as a receiver out of the backfield.

"We're really looking forward to getting him back and having the both of them playing in their roles again," Jauron said of Shelton and Pritchett.

Shelton said he's been working out since leaving the team at the start of the regular season, but will take a little time to get used to being hit again.

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