Filling the void

With veterans like Daniels, R.W. McQuarters and Ted Washington missing on defense others have taken leadership roles.

"Keith Traylor had a great game," said Warrick Holdman. "Watch the film and he was making the plays and he's out there leading. Bryan Robinson is out there leading. So, we lose some but we gain some."

Daniels is anxious to return but even more optimistic about healing left ankle.

"I've tried (watching on) TV I tried the sidelines neither one of them works for me," Daniels said about missing the last two games. "I just got to be in there. If I can play this week I'll try to play this week. I listen to the trainers and see what they tell me and go from there."

Realistically Daniels is still shooting for the Green Bay game.

The defensive line has struggled without Daniels presence on the right side. The unit hasn't recorded a sack in three games, while Daniels was second on the team in 2001 with nine sacks.

"It hurts not being able to help your teammates and do the things I know I can do to help them out.

"I always feel like if I'm in there I can create some stuff and help them out too. Right now, all the sacks go to the linebackers right now Rosevelt (Colvin) has four and Lacker (Brian Urlacher) has two."

Daniels absence has proven his importance to the defense. In the past he has been the target of criticism for not getting to the quarterback, but that is due in part to the five-year $24 million contract he signed in 2000.

Daniels said he plans on catching and passing Colvin, who leads the team with four sacks.

"I feel like I can get 10 sacks in eight games, so I when I get back I'm going to catch Rosie and pass him," Daniels said with a laugh. "I gave him a head start, but that's just like me giving him 10 yards in the forty."

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