Standing Target

Chasing around the likes of Daunte Culpepper, Mike Vick, and Aaron Brooks, three of the wiliest NFL quarterbacks cannot be an easy chore. Despite their troubles chasing around these speedy quarterbacks, the Bears linebacking corps has met the challenge. After three games this season, Rosey Colvin leads the Bears with four sacks, and Brian Urlacher has registered two sacks thus far.

Fortunately for the Bears pass rush, this week the Bears will go to Buffalo to take on Drew Bledsoe and the Bills. While Bledsoe has been excellent throwing the ball for Buffalo, he is tied for second in the NFL in times being sacked. Only the expansion Houston Texans rookie quarterback David Carr has been sacked more than Bledsoe.

Though the Bears linebackers have been excellent in taking down the opposing quarterbacks the main source for most teams pass rush, the defensive line has not produced one sack all year. In the absence of Philip Daniels the Bears defensive line has lacked any major pass rush, thus recording zero sacks through three games.

This week, facing the Bills Drew Bledsoe should make for an easier time in getting some sacks. Bledsoe, while considered one of the better passing quarterbacks in the league, is also considered one of the slowest and least agile starting NFL quarterbacks. Bledsoe is a true pocket passer, only fleeing the pocket when it is an absolute must. He has the fewest attempts of any starting quarterback in the NFL. Thus far, Bledsoe has recorded one rushing attempt for zero yards.

This Sunday will be the defenses golden opportunity to get some shots on Bledsoe and maybe even force a turnover or two. One final statistic that bodes well for the Bears defense, Bledsoe's only rushing attempt ended up in a fumble.

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