Camp Chat: OG Ruben Brown

Veteran offensive guard Ruben Brown said last season that he still has a lot of football left in him, but might he hang up his spikes if the Bears win Super Bowl XLII? Brown spent some time with after Saturday's evening session and talked about the amount of rest he needs at camp, how the defensive line looks so far, and why he feels the offense will be better this season.

John Crist: I believe this is the 13th training camp of your NFL career. Is all this still as exciting at it was for you as a rookie?

Ruben Brown: No, but it's exciting because we have a good team.

JC: What is your preparation like now for an upcoming season compared to when you were a younger player?

RB: Lost of rest. I do a lot of rest, way more rest than I did before. Everything's pretty much done in spurts. A lot of stretching, way more than before. When I was a rookie, I didn't do much other than lift and run and that was it. Now there's like lots more stretching and massage and chiropractors and stuff like that.

JC: You've said numerous times that you can still play a few more seasons. However, might you have retired if the Bears had been able to win the Super Bowl last season?

RB: I don't know. I like this group of guys, and I knew most of them was going to be back. And whether we won or not, I would want to be around this group that we have.

JC: Depth at defensive tackle is a concern for this team coming into camp. You're blocking the likes of Dusty Dvoracek, Antonio Garay, and Anthony Adams every day in practice, so how are they doing?

RB: I think Dusty Dvoracek is developing well. Obviously we're getting Tommie Harris back from an injury, and he's looking good. The way the NFL is played now – the rotations and the different schemes – we've got very athletic guys, very talented guys that can play multiple roles that will get the job done.

JC: Many experts feel that the Bears will be better on offense this season because of all the additions at the skill positions. Why do you think the offense will be better?

RB: We've just been together for three years pretty much, and we just added very few pieces. Even the young guys know the offense well. There's a lot of offseason work we've done together. The core of the offense has been together for – I've been here four years – so most the guys have been here three years already.

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