Camp Chat: TE Desmond Clark

With the additions of Devin Hester and Greg Olsen, suddenly the Bears have a chance to be dangerous on offense. But is Desmond Clark the forgotten man? Clark spent some time with after Tuesday's morning session in Bourbonnais and talked about why he was so successful last season, the new faces in the huddle, and the different looks they'll be able to employ this year.

John Crist: You caught 45 passes last year after just 24 each of the previous two seasons. Were you just a bigger part of the offensive game plan, or is there more to the story?

Desmond Clark: My first year, I caught 44 passes. I think last year they just threw me the ball a whole lot more than they did the previous two years. So the more opportunities, the more plays you can make.

JC: Everyone's talking about Devin Hester being moved over to offense and the team drafting Greg Olsen. Do you ever feel like the forgotten man because you played so well last year?

DC: I don't mind. I'm just trying to win football games. Those guys, especially you look at Devin and look at Greg, they bring special ability to this offense. So they deserve every accolade and all the adoration that they're getting, so I'm fine playing my role where I'm at.

JC: It looks like this offense is going to have many more formations and variations this season because of all the additions. How is that going to help you guys?

DC: It's going to create a lot of confusion for the defense more than anything, and it's going to create a lot of excitement for our offense. So it should be good because there's so many things we can do with this offense now that we've added those two guys.

JC: Olsen has been lining up everywhere from tight end to H-back to fullback to receiver so far. Are you exclusively a tight end these days, or can you still be moved around yourself?

DC: No, I've been kind of lining up all over the place. Last year I lined up in the backfield some, but this year that's going to be Greg's M.O. And he's got all the skills to do that kind of stuff. Right now, he's excelling at it. So long as he keeps doing well, I guess I won't have to do as much. So that's kind of good for me also.

JC: Your offseason was a lot shorter than usual because of the run to Super Bowl XLI. Did you still have a chance to get away from football and enjoy yourself?

DC: I did. I moved to my new home down in Orlando. During the offseason, I was flying back and forth from Chicago to Orlando. So I got to enjoy myself this offseason.

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